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My AIR Flair and some link drops

Finally, after months of working with Flex, researching, prototyping and developing some real world projects on this wonderful RIA development framework, I am doing an internal presentation on Flex and AIR to our developers and designers.

I had already done a more hyped up presentation on Flash and Flex capabilities that was well received. It was mostly a recount of the great works of Picnik, before they partnered with Flickr, PaperVision3d, Dote Design image gallery, Flip , FotoFlexer, MixBook, Graphita, Visual Complexity catalog, 10×10 by J.J. Harris, FineTune, TuneGlue, Musicovery, ToneMine, BurstLabs, Mindomo, blinkx Video Search, Oskope, experiments by Mr. Doob, Andre Michelle, Lee Felarca, the quietly scheming Ely Greenfield and the great works of Keith Peters who I should thank for getting me hooked on all things Flash.

This presentation is different. I have J2EE, .Net and Ruby developers, IAs and visual designers in anticipation to see what Flex and Air bring to the table and how they are different from AJAX, XUL, OpenLaszlo, and Silverlight.

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