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Some cool 3D stuff and Degrafa Maps coming soon

I am going to put my multimedia experiments and updates to media players and flickr mashups on hold to repackage and publish some really cool 3D stuff and interactive maps I’ve done with OpenFlux, Away3d Tweener, and Degrafa.


Flickorama 3D Update and Camera Work

Inspired by the PlexiGlass (OpenFlux 3D) example that opened easy to use Element Flow-like capabilities to Flex applications, I created Flickorama mashup last year to explore public photos from Flickr.

You can read about it in my outdated by now Flickorama update post or see an independent Flickorama review by Eric Miraglia on his Impressive Pixel blog.

A lot has changed in Flickorama since then. The added camera work with pan, tilt and zoom features provided by the tucked in Away3D engine, along with the added keyboard navigation make it a breeze now to flip through a stack of photos. I also added new Random view layout option and integrated my Flickr Flipbook, but that deserves a separate post.

Random3DView Demo and List3D

The only reason I am rambling about those updates because while digging through openflux plexiglass trunk code I’ve tried different layouts and cameras, ended up adding a couple of my own and making some tweaks to existing cameras and layouts for improved interaction and user experience.random3dviewthumb

Now, I have not seen any updates to the openflux library recently, and I am not sure about openflux roadmap or future development work, although I really like the separation of model, view, layout and 3D perspective that this library provides.

However, if you have an application that requires similar 3D list view display, I created a Random3DView demo that demonstrates the setup behind Flickorama 3D photo viewer. You can view Random3DView source code and the resulting camera and layout work in the updated Flickorama 3D mashup.

While working on Random3DView I realized that there must be many applications that could benefit from a simple List3D view component that taps into Away3d capabilities with OpenFlux Plexiglass or some other MVC framework overlayed, yet hidden and nicely encapsulated for simple List 3D data binding and rendering.

So, I’ve decided to do some refactoring on my Random3DView code and see if I can create a reusable List3D component that will make it very easy for anyone to put together a Flex application like Flickorama, backed by the powerful Away3D engine with some Tweener animation and different layouts, in minutes. Stay tuned for updates.

Degrafa Maps and Globe


Some Degrafa world maps in various projections and mapping to 3D globe with Flex 3D are coming in the next few weeks too.

You can see some early demos of my Degrafa maps here. Some nights and weekends were spent on converting blank SVG maps of the world to make those interactive maps with selectable regions and countries in Flex. I am currently rethinking how those maps are configured and loaded.

You can see a production version of my Degrafa mapping technology used in a Beer Hunter application on

Degrafa Globe alpha

This Flex 3D Earth demo and my poking in Away3D lately gave me some ideas on creating a rotating Degrafa Globe that I am planning to enable and get it to work with my degrafa map, zoom in, tooltips and all the 3d camera rotation and tilt effects.

So, check back for some demos and new open source List3D and Map3D components soon.

Flickorama update

I’ve spent more time on Flickorama aesthetics last week. Here is the latest screenshot:

New Features:

  • Slideshow thumbnail photo strip
  • Large Photo View
  • Full Screen View
  • Link to the photographer’s photostream
  • Photo highlights, transparency, borders, drop shadows and typography enhancements

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Flickorama – OpenFlux PlexiGlass Flickr Mashup

Quick Flickr mashup using OpenFlux 3D PlexiGlass to browse fractal pictures. Actually, you can search for any pics with this app :)

Here is the Flickorama with sample layouts:

Cover Flow:

Roller Coaster:

Time Machine:

There are more layouts available and a larger photo preview feature that is currently in beta.

With Flickorama you can search public Flickr photos by tags, paginate through the returned photo sets, or sit back and let the sequential or random photo slideshow flickr on your screen.

I’ve been sitting on this prototype since Ryan Campbell put together that OpenFlux 3D PlexiGlass cards example. When I first saw it, I knew that’s the UI to use for some fun Flickr pics browsing.

First, I wired it to Flickr to demo some alternative image gallery display options to one of my clients. I ended up using Ely Greenfield’s Display Shelf component for that project.

However, I was so far along into wiring OpenFlux PlexiGlass to Flickr that I have decided to spend some extra time to add photo set pagination and cleanup the UI a bit.

You can access it on my new site:

I’ll be hosting my most interesting prototypes and demos on that site from now on.

I should also give credits to Juan Sanchez for the shadow Flex UI theme I’ve used for this application and Brian Kent for the really cool AEnigma Scrawl font he created. I’ve seen it used in quite a few Flex apps lately.