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Perlin Noise Music Vis

Here is a fun Perlin noise music vis with The X-Ecutioners “cuttin’ it up, scratchin’ it… They sounded so good they made everybody dance. (Check it out.)” — Like This:

(Click on the visualization to change color channels)

Doesn’t it look like a crowd dancing in the club? Well, close enough. Here is the real deal:

Simple Flex Music Player

It’s been a while since my first post. I parted with Pathfinder Dev a few weeks ago, switched this blog to self-hosting, and currently looking for new opportunities.

While I am looking for a new gig, I’ll try to revive this blog by remixing and publishing some old toys I’ve prototyped to get my Flex chops together.

Here is the one that did not make the cut for that internal AIR Flair presentation. I had to play that jungle Bamboo Banga beat in WMP11.

(Click on the image to play and download sample code)

That’s my take on simple mp3 player in Flex. Click on that visualization to see some bars jump.

Most of the heavy lifting is done by the components from the flex community listed below.

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