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Some Degrafa Love

Here is a fun short piece I did last summer when Degrafa SuperShape came out:

Degrafa ShapeUp Music Viz

You can view all 100 lines of code that make those shapes pulse here.

Flex Music Player Example

After analyzing my blog stats, I’ve discovered to my surprise that I get the most direct hits from Google search for a simple Flex music player example.

If you are still looking for one, see my new Flex Music Player:


I added support for multiple tracks with the Prev./Next track buttons and a couple of sample tracks, enabled track scrubbing (just click on the track), replaced the playback component with the Playr, and added the music Visualizr from Ronny Welter. View source is enabled on this one, although it’s a little messy, but should give you a good head start.

I am planning to do a more extensive example with playlist management provided by the Playr, cleaned-up source code, and a sample of pulling music from soon.