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2008 Campaign Finances Remix — Mashup of the Day!

My NY Times 2008 Campaign Finances Remix was selected the Mashup of the Day yesterday on

I created a shell for this application on election day and added quite a few features to make it more appealing and interactive since then.

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2008 Presidential Candidates Campaign Finances

Looks like I have discovered NY Times Campaign Finances API a few days too late. The votes are going in today and turns out this API was published three weeks ago.

I’ve been looking for a similar public data set to take Degrafa Map sample for a spin and stumbled on this one accidentally last night while reading the post about NY Times releasing Movie Review API. Now that is going to be some fun data to mash.

Well, one day is hardly enough to color code the states based on the contributions, but I managed to put the REST service calls in place, create the domain model, add a map with the selectable state regions, and display grid data for now. It’s very rough at this point. I am not sure I got all the donation breakdowns calculated correctly.

Anyhow, below is a sample screenshot and a link to the alpha demo. Currently you can only view presidential candidate contribution totals and select a state to see the state breakdown by candidate. I might color code the states, dip into zip code searches, donor info display, and publish the code if anybody finds this useful.