Taras is a visual developer with appreciation for all things beautiful. He draws his inspirations from the old 18th century architecture, Renaissance paintings, classical novels, historical fiction, mathematicians, physics illuminates, and gladiators of the past. His modern days fascinations include sci-fi, social web, linguistics, photography, typography, digital artwork, and natural beauty of random things that are easily expressed in mathematical forms and translated to digital art.

His dream is to become an inspiring visualization modeler and designer of natural and cultural phenomenon that constantly shift and shape our modern day life and digital personas.

Taras has over 10 years of professional experience architecting, designing, and developing sophisticated visual collaboration software offerings for the public and folks behind the corporate walls.

In his spare time, Taras likes spending time with his family, enjoying the great midwest outdoors and tending to his vegetable garden.

This blog was created for sharing his visualization experiments in digital artform.

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